Concrete Delivery with Multiple Mix Designs in Bournemouth for a Home Extension

by | Nov 26, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Demonstrated versatility in delivering multiple concrete types for a domestic extension in Bournemouth.
  • Efficient use of volumetric mixers for on-site mixing of distinct concrete types.
  • Adherence to the ‘pay only for what you use’ principle, ensuring cost-effectiveness and minimal waste.
  • Successful delivery of both dry lean concrete for garden wall backfill and high-strength concrete for a driveway slab.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction and project efficiency in Bournemouth.

Carters Concrete recently undertook a diverse and challenging home extension project in Bournemouth. This involved delivering two types of concrete: dry lean for a garden wall backfill and high-strength for a driveway slab. The project showcases the company’s adaptability and the innovative use of their volumetric mixers to cater to diverse domestic construction needs.

Background: Enhancing a Home with Multiple Concrete Needs

The project revolved around a domestic extension in Bournemouth. The homeowner’s requirement was unique, needing two different concrete types for specific uses. The first challenge was to backfill a newly constructed garden wall with dry lean concrete. The second was to create a robust and long-lasting driveway slab using high-strength concrete. This dual requirement presented an opportunity for Carters Concrete to demonstrate its capacity for versatility and efficiency in concrete delivery.

Tailored Concrete Delivery

The project commenced with the delivery of dry lean concrete mix, specifically chosen for its suitability for the garden wall backfill. Utilising their advanced volumetric mixers, Carters Concrete provided an on-site mix, prepared to meet the precise specifications needed for the Bournemouth site. This phase underscored the importance of delivering a consistent and high-quality product, tailored to the specific needs of the project.

Carters Concrete Pump Hire Truck
A volumetric concrete mixer ready for concrete delivery

A Seamless Transition to High Strength Concrete for Driveway Slab

Once the garden wall was successfully backfilled, the team at Carters Concrete smoothly transitioned to the next phase of the project: preparing and delivering high-strength concrete for the driveway slab. The flexibility of their volumetric mixers was once again a crucial factor, allowing for an on-site adjustment of the concrete mix design. This efficiency ensured that the high-strength concrete delivered was perfectly suited for the durability requirements of the driveway slab in Bournemouth.

Innovative Use of Volumetric Mixers for Diverse Mix Designs

This Bournemouth project highlighted the innovative capabilities of Carters Concrete’s volumetric mixers. These mixers allow for the adjustment of mix designs on-site, catering to multiple requirements within a single project. This not only demonstrated the company’s commitment to delivering customised solutions but also their adherence to the principle of ‘pay only for what you use,’ ensuring both economic and environmental efficiency.

Conclusion: A Comprehensive Concrete Solution

Completing this home extension project on time and to the client’s full satisfaction, Carters Concrete solidified its reputation in Bournemouth as a provider of comprehensive, customised concrete solutions. Their ability to deliver multiple, distinct mixes with a single mixer highlights their commitment to efficiency, adaptability, and customer satisfaction, making them a preferred choice for domestic construction projects in Bournemouth.

Techniques and Hardware Used

On Turnaround Strategy

The Carters team were required to keep multiple mixers “on turnaround”. This meant that as soon as a mixer delivered its concrete, it immediately returned to headquarters for reloading before heading back to the site. This allowed Carters Concrete to circumvent the limited parking issue effectively


The commercial building project in Poole was successfully completed within the weekend, despite its scale and constraints. This case study highlights Carters Concrete’s ability to deliver on large-scale, time-sensitive projects, reinforcing its reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.


Carters Concrete mixer pouring concrete into a concrete pump