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    Carters Concrete for New Milton

    • We are a local, experienced concrete supplier in New Milton.
    • We mix on site, meaning you only pay for the concrete you use.
    • Our ready mixed concrete prices are competitive, and our customer service is excellent!
    • Our deliveries are powered by the AGGSMART logistics system, so you’ll always know when your concrete is arriving.
    • Our team are highly trained, local and friendly.

    Here at Carters Concrete, we supply high-quality concrete to New Milton and the surrounding areas. Our volumetric mixers are capable of batching up a wide range of concrete mixes, perfect for any domestic, commercial or industrial construction project need.

    Whether you’re looking for a strong foundation for a new building or a sturdy surface for a driveway, our team can provide you with the perfect concrete solution. Contact us today to learn more!


    We provide a range of concrete services in New Milton, as well as other areas throughout Hampshire and Dorset.

    Our concrete is high quality, and we are very proud of our delivery and customer service. If you need readymix concrete, be sure to contact our concrete specialists today!

    Our concrete services include:

    Carters Concrete commercial concrete delivery

    Mix On Site Concrete Services

    Our modern fleet of volumetric concrete mixers can batch any mix of concrete you need. Volumetric concrete mixers work by mixing the stored aggregates together with precise amounts of cement, sand and water and then delivering them through a hydraulic chute and auger. This mix on site is nearly instantaneous and can be adjusted on the spot to meet your needs.

    Our specialist mixers can also deliver multiple mix designs from a single load of raw materials – so just let us know what mix designs you require us to mix on site.

    Due to the on-demand batching process, we’ll never penalise you with part load charges. We only charge for the materials we use, meaning you don’t pay for any wasted ready mix concrete.

    Domestic Ready Mix Concrete Delivery

    Our local team can provide domestic customers with concrete for foundations, footings, driveways, patios and other home improvement projects.

    We are very familiar with the local areas, and our versatile fleet can navigate tight urban areas, rural roads and more.

    Our aggregates are delivered by local suppliers, so you can be sure that the concrete will be of a high quality and meet your needs. We have a range of delivery options available, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.

    Commercial Ready Mixed Concrete

    We understand that careful timing and efficient delivery is essential for commercial construction sites, so we’ll do everything we can to get your ready mix concrete delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    With our years of experience and modern fleet, you can trust us to handle your project with care while remaining cost effective. Contact us today to learn more!

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    Concrete Pump Hire & Advice

    Our fleet of concrete pumps completely removes the need for the manual labour of pushing heavy and precarious wheelbarrows around a site when delivering ready mix concrete – no matter the scale of your project, we can help and keep your next pour cost effective.

    Our pumps are perfect for hard-to-reach areas, and they’re all operated by our highly experienced team.

    Floor Screed Supply

    At Carters Concrete we deliver semi-dry screed to customers throughout the area. As one of the UK’s most common flooring building materials, screed is a specialist material ideal for creating smooth finishes and for use on underfloor heating systems due to its great thermal conductivity properties.

    Calculate Your Ready Mixed Concrete Requirements

    Before arranging your concrete delivery, why not calculate the right amount of ready mix concrete required for your next job? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today for further advice on preparation. 

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    We are confident that you will be delighted with the quality of our services. Book your ready mix concrete delivery today.
    At Carters Concrete, we take great pride in delivering a friendly, efficient service at all times – whether it is for small or large orders from domestic or commercial companies- we are here to help and offer competitive prices! You can order concrete via phone, WhatsApp or email, just contact us for more info and free quotes.

    Our Concrete Delivery Areas

    Our fleet delivers concrete and provides concrete pump hire services to Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire areas. Don't hesitate to call us to confirm we are able to deliver to your area.

    Some of the areas we cover in Dorset and Hampshire include:

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