Case Study: Ready Mix Concrete Delivery for a Garden Renovation in Poole

by | Oct 19, 2023

Key Takeaways

  1. Single-Day Completion: Carters Concrete’s ability to deliver 30m³ of ready mix concrete within a short time frame showcases efficient planning and execution.
  2. Restricted Access Solutions: The use of a ground line pump and installed pipeline solved the challenge of narrow access to the garden.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: On-time completion and attention to detail led to a satisfied customer and a visually appealing end result.
  4. Expert Team: The success of this project underscores the expertise and skill set of the Carters Concrete team in managing complex logistical challenges.

Brief Summary

Carters Concrete successfully completed a large garden renovation project in Poole, delivering 30m³ of ready mix concrete. Despite challenges like narrow access and tight schedules, the job was completed to the customer’s satisfaction.


Garden renovations can be as complex as any indoor construction project, especially when they involve significant quantities of concrete. For one homeowner in Poole, renovating their garden room was a major undertaking, one that Carters Concrete was more than equipped to handle.

Job Background

Navigating Natural Features in Poole

This was a garden room renovation project for a new customer in Poole. The presence of water features in the garden required special attention and careful planning, adding a layer of complexity to the task.

Carters Concrete Pump Hire Service In Poole Dorset
Carters Concrete Pump Hire Service In Poole Dorset

Job Requirements

Outdoor Restricted Access

With a requirement for 30m³ of ready mix concrete, the entire operation had to be completed within a single day. This demanded a high level of coordination and efficiency from the Carters Concrete team.

Constraints and Challenges

Transporting the concrete was the biggest hurdle. The challenge lay in getting the concrete from the front of the house, through a narrow alleyway, and into the client’s garden without causing any disruption and then packing it all away cleanly afterwards.

Techniques and Hardware Used

A Tailored Approach

For this project, a ground line pump and installed pipeline were utilised. This setup allowed Carters Concrete to overcome the narrow access challenges effectively, ensuring not just the delivery but also the precise placement of the concrete.


The project was completed successfully, within the single-day timeframe. The end result was not only a satisfied customer but also a garden room that met all aesthetic and structural requirements. This case study adds another feather to Carters Concrete’s cap, showcasing their commitment to delivering custom solutions and maintaining high standards of customer service in Poole and beyond.

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