Case Study: Ready Mix Concrete Delivery for Residential Driveway Upgrade in Poole

by | Oct 26, 2023

Key Takeaways

  1. Local Expertise: Familiarity with the Poole site allowed for efficient planning and execution, highlighting the benefits of local expertise.
  2. Community Coordination: The Carters Concrete team’s ability to coordinate with neighbours for parking space demonstrates exceptional planning and community engagement.
  3. Efficient Use of Technology: The use of a ground line pump and volumetric mixer enabled precise and cost-effective concrete delivery, showcasing Carters Concrete’s technological capabilities.
  4. Cost-Efficiency: The ‘Pay Only for What You Use’ feature ensured that the customer was billed only for the concrete actually used, emphasising the company’s customer-friendly approach.
  5. Time Management: Completing the project within a one-day timeframe illustrates Carters Concrete’s commitment to timely service and respect for customers’ schedules.
  6. Customer Satisfaction: High praise from the customer post-completion reaffirms Carters Concrete’s dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Brief Summary

In a residential setting in Poole, Carters Concrete successfully delivered 8m³ of ready mix concrete for a driveway upgrade. Utilising a ground line pump and a volumetric mixer, the team ensured efficient and precise concrete placement, all within a tight one-day schedule.


Home improvements can be a daunting task, especially when they involve foundational elements like a driveway. For one Poole resident, upgrading their driveway with quality ready mix concrete was a priority. Who better to call than Carters Concrete, a company well-versed in concrete delivery and customer satisfaction?

Job Background

A Familiar Setting in Poole

This wasn’t the team’s first visit to this particular Poole residence. Having provided services for a previous project, Carters Concrete was already familiar with the site’s layout and constraints. This prior experience enabled the team to hit the ground running, focusing on task execution rather than initial site assessment.

The Importance of Community Coordination

Given the limited parking space for the mixer, the team had to engage in precise planning with the neighbours. This preemptive coordination ensured that the mixer could arrive at the site on time and that the concrete placement could proceed without any logistical issues. This community engagement reflects Carters Concrete’s commitment to not just the customer but also the wider community.

Carters Concrete Hero Image Pump Hre 1
A volumetric concrete mixer ready for concrete delivery

Job Requirements

The Task Ahead

This project had its unique set of challenges. Notably, it involved delivering 8m³ of ready mix concrete within a short time period, due to other deliverie due at the site. Requiring Carters Concrete to adhere to a rigorous scheduling plan. Every minute counted, from the arrival of the mixer to the final pour.

Pay Only for What You Use

Cost-efficiency was another significant focus of this project. Utilising their volumetric mixer, Carters Concrete allowed the customer to pay only for the 8m³ of concrete actually used, eliminating any wastage and additional costs.

Constraints and Challenges

Limited parking space was not just an operational hurdle; it was a logistical puzzle. The team had to coordinate with the neighbours to secure sufficient space for the mixer. This involved not just logistical planning but also community relations, a challenge that Carters Concrete was more than capable of handling.

Techniques and Hardware Used

The Role of Specialised Equipment

The team deployed a ground line pump in conjunction with a volumetric mixer. The pump allowed for efficient and precise concrete placement, while the volumetric mixer ensured that the exact quantity of concrete was prepared and delivered. This combination of hardware exemplifies Carters Concrete’s commitment to using the right tools for the right job.

Carters Concrete mixer and pump


In the end, the project was a resounding success. The driveway upgrade was completed within a day, adhering to all the specifications and limitations of the site. The customer was highly satisfied, praising Carters Concrete for their timely service, precise work, and excellent customer relations. This project serves as another milestone in Carters Concrete’s ongoing journey to deliver top-quality service and garner customer satisfaction in Poole and beyond.