Concrete Delivery for A Large Residential Development in Poole

by | Feb 15, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Precision in Planning: Carters Concrete’s careful planning and coordination with a regular local construction company ensured the smooth execution of concrete delivery for a domestic property extension in Poole.
  • Innovative Delivery Solutions: Faced with the challenge of narrow side alley access, Carters Concrete employed a concrete pump and installed a pipeline, demonstrating adaptability and innovation in overcoming logistical constraints.
  • High-Quality Materials and Equipment: Utilising a volumetric concrete lorry and a concrete pump, Carters Concrete ensured the delivery of 7 cubic metres of high-quality concrete, tailored for the foundations of the property extension.
  • Skilled Professionalism: The project highlighted the skill and expertise of Carters Concrete’s pump operator, who coordinated seamlessly with the construction team despite visual barriers, ensuring precise and efficient concrete placement.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The successful completion of the project with all specifications met and on time led to high customer satisfaction, reinforcing Carters Concrete’s commitment to excellence and reliability in concrete delivery services.

Brief Summary

Carter’s Concrete successfully delivered two full loads of concrete for a substantial foundation project at a new residential development in Poole, Dorset. Showcasing their expertise in handling large-scale projects, the team adeptly managed the delivery, reinforcing their reputation for precision and customer satisfaction.

Job Background

This project marked the beginning of a relationship with a new customer, focusing on a residential development of a block of flats. The site was notably spacious, offering ample room for manoeuvring and operation, a factor that greatly facilitated the smooth execution of the job.

Concrete Supplied in Poole, Dorset
A volumetric concrete mixer ready for concrete delivery

Job Requirements

On arrival at the construction site in Poole, Carter’s Concrete mixers were efficiently positioned to directly pour concrete into the nearby foundations. For footings located further away, a concrete pump was strategically set up, ensuring that concrete was transported effectively to the required locations.

Constraints and Challenges

The project proceeded without any significant challenges. The effectiveness of the concrete line pump played a crucial role in this smooth operation, demonstrating Carter’s Concrete’s proficiency in utilizing the right tools for specific job requirements.

Techniques and Hardware Used

A key aspect of this project was the use of volumetric concrete mixers. These allowed for on-site mixing, providing the customer with the precise amount of concrete needed for the project. This approach not only ensured efficiency but also aligned with Carter’s Concrete’s commitment to reducing waste and offering cost-effective solutions.


The project was completed on schedule, with the client expressing great satisfaction with the outcome. This successful delivery underscores Carter’s Concrete’s ability to handle large-scale projects while maintaining their dedication to timely service and exceptional customer care. The efficient handling of this project in Poole serves as a testament to their expertise in concrete delivery and client satisfaction.

Concrete Delivery in Poole Carters Concrete