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    Reliable Commercial Concrete Delivery

    Make your commercial projects successful with Carters Concrete’s commercial concrete service.
    With years of extensive work in the construction industry delivering commercial concrete services, Carters Concrete has achieved the trust of our clients in delivering exceptional services each time.

    If you are looking for a commercial concrete supplier for your construction project, Carters Company is here at your service. We guarantee you high quality concrete with quick delivery at competitive prices.
    Contact our friendly team today.

    Carters Concrete Commercial

    Large Range Of Ready Mixed Concrete Mix Types Available

    To achieve the good results, you must choose the ideal concrete mix suitable for your project. Carters Concrete can supply many types of concrete depending on your requirements.
    All our concrete mixes are created using thoughtfully sourced and carefully selected raw materials such as cement, water, and aggregates. We use additional ingredients such as fibres, plasticisers, retarding agents, accelerating chemicals, and more per the customer’s requirements. Our modern fleet of volumetric concrete mixers allows us to batch a wide range of ready mixed concrete mixes directly on your site and pour them immediately.

    If you are unsure about what type of ready mix concrete mix you require, we can help you. Our established track record has given us a reputation as a commercial concrete supplier you can trust. We pledge to deliver what you need when you need it.
    Give us a call now for further details and guidance!

    Only Pay For The Concrete You Actually Use

    Volumetric concrete has now become a popular method used in domestic and commercial applications. It is a great way to mix the right amount required for a specific project. In addition to this quality, our mixers can deliver a wide range of concrete mixes.

    The following are some benefits of our volumetric concrete mixers-

    • Different strengths of concrete can be easily mixed.
    • Our mixers can produce multiple batches of a variety of mixes on site..
    • We carry more concrete than traditional drum mixers.
    • Zero wastage, no hidden charges.
    • Easily alter the mix on the site.

    So when you order commercial concrete from Carters, you only pay for the concrete you use. This means that even if you order an excessive amount of concrete, we’ll only batch up the amount required, and it won’t go to waste. Thus, you can save money and resources. In addition, our volumetric concrete mixer trucks are highly adaptable in preparing and delivering the required concrete at your site. Give us a call today to learn more.

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    Carters Concrete volumetric concrete mixer pouring concrete in Bournemouth

    Concrete Pump Hire Services For Your Commercial Projects

    Carters Concrete has provided reliable concrete pump hire services to large-scale projects across the Bournemouth area. Concrete pouring is done safely, professionally, and mess-free by using concrete pumps. With our concrete pump hire services comes a group of skilled professionals who will run the pump and pour the concrete precisely where it needs to be.

    The Advantages of Concrete Pumps:

    • Reduces the number of labourers required, thus cost-effective.
    • Increases the speed of pouring concrete.
    • Reduces waste like mud and debris tracked on the site by wheelbarrows

    For your commercial concrete delivery, you can also hire a concrete pump for effective delivery. Contact our team today for more assistance.

    Supporting Construction Projects in the Hampshire and Dorset

    We are based in Bournemouth and deliver concrete to the surrounding areas such as Hampshire and Dorset. Our dedicated team of concrete experts are always available to serve you with the highest quality concrete mixes.

    We Deliver Ready Mix Concrete To The Following Areas

    Contact Us For Commercial Concrete Supply

    We deliver a range of top quality concrete delivery services for your commercial projects.

    Carters Concrete mixer and pump
    Carters Concrete volumetric concrete mixer pouring concrete in Bournemouth
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    Whether you're a homeowner undertaking a DIY project, or a professional contractor working on commercial developments, we can provide the concrete you need. We offer an extensive range of concrete mixes and specialist additives, and our team are on hand with advice for your next pour.

    Carters Concrete mixer on site
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    Our specialist concrete mixers can provide screed for your next flooring project. Our specialist concrete mixers can provide screed for your next flooring project. Ideal for creating smooth, level surfaces screed is often used in commercial and industrial settings, but can also be used in domestic properties.

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    Concrete Pump HIRE

    If you're tired of dragging messy wheelbarrows of concrete down tight alleyways, or through homes, then concrete pump hire is the solution you need. Our concrete pumps can deliver concrete to even the most inaccessible areas so that you can save time and energy on your next project.

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    Our Concrete Delivery Areas

    Our fleet delivers concrete and provides concrete pump hire services to Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire areas. Don't hesitate to call us to confirm we are able to deliver to your area.

    Some of the areas we cover in Dorset and Hampshire include:

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