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    Carters Concrete offers reliable and premium concrete flooring services in Bournemouth. Concrete is a popular flooring option that requires low maintenance yet gives a smart, clean look.
    We enjoy providing exceptional customer service and high-quality work at reasonable prices.

    Our concrete can be used for flooring and durable finished surfaces. From garages, bathrooms, sheds & kitchens of houses to commercial and industrial applications, our concrete flooring options provide the best solution for our clients’ flooring needs. For years, we have been offering freshly mixed, affordably priced concrete for floors for same- or next-day delivery. Contact our team today if you need more details about our concrete floor services.

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    Concrete Floor For Commercial Projects

    We supply concrete appropriate for commercial flooring projects such as offices, warehouses, and commercial yards. Our skilled team of concrete specialists handles all commercial concrete flooring jobs professionally and efficiently. Carters Concrete promises superb concrete flooring that can last for many years to come. Get in touch with our team today to know more about commercial concrete flooring services.

    Concrete Floors for Domestic Projects

    Do you require concrete for driveways or patios of your home? We at Carters provide tailor-made concrete mixes for small scale residential projects. No job is too big or small for us. With the use of volumetric mixers we are able to deliver the exact amount of concrete that you require. So, don’t worry about overordering or under-ordering anymore. Pay for what you use. So, if you are looking for a brand new concrete floor for your house, reach out to our team today!!

    Concrete Pump Hire

    Transportation of concrete using wheelbarrows is undoubtedly laboursome, time-consuming, and messy. With Carters, you can achieve mess-free concrete pouring at cost-friendly prices.

    No matter how complex your site is, with our concrete pumps, your concrete gets poured directly where it needs to be. Whether it needs to be poured at height or toward the back of a property through tight alleyways, our skilled personnel and versatile equipment can handle the job.. In addition, our concrete pump hire services assure you of a neat and efficient concrete delivery according to your site specifications. So if you require concrete that needs to be laid on top of a high-rise building or in the backyard of your house, then worry not, as our concrete pumps can deliver concrete even to the most inaccessible areas of your project site efficiently.

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    Mix On Site Concrete

    Do you require a concrete floor for DIY or large construction projects? Our concrete mixers can deliver freshly mixed concrete with the required consistency to your site. We offer the best concrete floors using our innovative volumetric concrete to suit all your domestic and commercial project needs. Our volumetric mixers enable precise on-site mixing and measurement of concrete.

    So when you order concrete for your concrete flooring, you do not have to worry about ordering too much or too little, as we use volumetric mixers to supply concrete that matches your project requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Flooring 

    1. Can I level concrete floors on my own?
    Laying and levelling concrete floors may seem easy, but requires expertise and skills. To level a concrete floor correctly, you will need to construct appropriately sized shuttering and ensure the base below is perfectly levelled. We highly recommend working with a professional construction contractor. Reach out to us for recommendations.
    2 How to make polished concrete floors

    Polished concrete is a beautiful and popular method of finishing concrete floors that can be created in many different styles. To achieve this style, you will need specialist advice and preparation work on your part beforehand – if you’re planning to polish concrete, make sure to let us know at the time of booking! We recommend working closely alongside local floor polishing contractors who are based around the Dorset/Hampshire area.

    3. How to paint polished concrete flooring?
    Clean your polished concrete floors and paint using a paintbrush or a roller. You would also need a sealant to fill any cracks or structural damages. For a perfect finish, apply multiple coats. For best results, Carters Concrete recommends you take the advice and services of a concrete painting specialist.
    4. How to maintain a polished concrete floor?

    Maintaining your existing concrete floor is relatively easy. You can apply a special floor paint or wax once every three to nine months to keep your concrete floor looking its best. To keep your polished concrete floors clean, you also need to brush or mop your floors regularly.

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    Carters Concrete volumetric concrete mixer pouring concrete in Bournemouth
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    Whether you're a homeowner undertaking a DIY project such as shed bases, or a professional contractor working on commercial developments, we can provide the concrete and solution you need. We offer an extensive range of concrete mixes and specialist additives that can enhance the curing times and durability of concrete, and our team are on hand with advice and expertise for your next pour.

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    Our specialist concrete mixers can provide screed for your next flooring project. Ideal for creating smooth, level surfaces screed is often used in commercial and industrial settings, but can also be used in domestic properties.

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    Concrete Pump HIRE

    If you're tired of dragging messy wheelbarrows of concrete down tight alleyways, or through homes, then concrete pump hire is the solution you need. Our concrete pumps can deliver quality concrete to your projects in even the most inaccessible areas, internal or external, so that you can save time and waste less energy on your next construction job.

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    Our Concrete Delivery Areas

    Our fleet delivers concrete and provides concrete pump hire services to Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire areas. Don't hesitate to call us to confirm we are able to deliver to your area.

    Some of the areas we cover in Dorset and Hampshire include:

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