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    What Is The Role Of Concrete Pumping in a construction site?

    Whether a large or a small project, concrete pumps on a construction site are a common sight. This advanced equipment has made construction activities effective as well as economical. Concrete pumps play a major role in transporting concrete to the most-inaccessible areas of a construction site. Not only does it increase accessibility but also enhances the project speed and efficiency. Concrete pumps are undoubtedly one of the most useful pieces of equipment for accurate concrete placement on any project site.

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    How does Concrete Pumping Work?

    A concrete pump consists of a powerful concrete pumping unit, a hopper, sections of steel and rubber pipeline, and high-strength connection clips, all controlled by a high-tech control panel. Due to their flexibility and versatility, concrete pumps are used to pump concrete for a wide range of applications.
    Let’s take a look at the common types of concrete pumps used and their application:


    • Line concrete pumps – A line pump is a stationary pump installed on a trailer or truck chassis with steel and rubber pipeline connected to it. Concrete is transported through the pipeline.
    • Boom pumps – A concrete boom pump has a pumping unit with a long remote-controlled arm (boom) mounted on a truck. This type of pump uses the boom to transport concrete great distances vertically, or over large cavities (such as open basement works) to exactly where you need it.

    Preparing Your Site For Concrete Pumping

    For efficient concrete pumping, it is essential to keep your site prepared.

    Don’t worry, as setting up the site is relatively easy. Follow these simple steps to keep your job site prepared for concrete delivery:

    • Clear the site and the area which pipeline will need to be installed to avoid slips and trips.
    • Important: Mark out parking space of around 3 to 4 cars’ worth for the arrival of the concrete pump vehicle and concrete mixer.
    • Prepare washout buckets and a large tarpaulin to catch any excess concrete from under the pump’s hopper. This process will ensure no messy wastage of concrete.

    Be it for residential customers or commercial contractors; Carters Concrete will support you with its professional concrete pump hire services. Get access to hard-to-reach areas of your job site. We also provide emergency callouts and same/ next day delivery of our concrete mixes. So, if you have any specific schedule, we can work accordingly.

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    How far can our concrete pump pipeline reach?

    Our pumps can transport the ready mix concrete to those most inaccessible areas of your project, such as the top of a high-rise building or inside an enclosed building.
    Concrete pumps can reach upto 140 metres in height. The maximum distance covered by a concrete pump horizontally is 300 metres. Excessively long pipelines will require additional equipment is delivered to site, so please do inform our team of your estiamte pipeline distance when you make a booking.

    Reasons To hire a Concrete Pump.

    We often get asked, “Do I need a concrete pump for this job?”. Yes, you might need concrete pumps if you are planning a large construction project but have less manpower and time restrictions.
    You might even need a concrete pump if your job site has numerous obstacles and some areas are difficult to access. In all these scenarios, concrete pumping services can help supply concrete quickly and efficiently.

    • Concrete pumps are cost efficient
    • They saves on labour and time
    • Concrete pumps reduce wastage of concrete and mess!

    Feel free to contact us for free advice about your next concrete pour. Reach out to us for reliable concrete pump hire services and pump concrete precisely where it needs to be.

    Need a Free Concrete Pump Hire Quote?

    Pumping concrete is efficient and cost-effective. Carters Concrete offers a range of high-quality concrete services. Our team has pumped concrete for numerous residential and commercial customers. So, if you are planning a construction project in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset, and other areas in London, hire one of our concrete pumps today. Do not hesitate to reach us for a free quote.

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    Concrete Pump Hire Cost

    The amount of money you want to spend on concrete pump hire services relies on the type of pour you are using, the duration of hire, and the distance that needs to be covered.
    Once you contact us, we can easily explain the details of the concrete pump hire service.


    We are headquartered in Bournemouth and supply concrete to Poole, Christchurch, Dorset and other nearby areas.
    If your site is situated too far away from our headquarters, then we may charge some additional transport charges. Speak with our team for further details.

    Pipeline Length

    Our concrete pumping plant carries up to 50 metres of pipeline. It means that through our concrete pump hire services, our team can reach those difficult access areas without any need for any additional pipeline.
    Nevertheless, for complex areas, we can always provide additional pipelines. You can book our team for site visits and discuss these matters immediately.

    Site complexities

    For instance, if your site has areas that are extremely difficult to access, then we would require additional operatives and specialised equipment to complete the pour. In those instances our prices may be affected. Our team will be able to offer advice on cost-effectively hiring a concrete pump.

    Time Spent On The Site

    At Carters Concrete, we book pump hire in two-hour slots. Additional charges will be applied for concrete pumping hires beyond two hours. So, if you think that your concrete pour could go beyond the given time, please inform us in advance so that we can make plans.
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    Whether you're a homeowner undertaking a DIY project, or a professional contractor working on commercial developments, we can provide the concrete you need. We offer an extensive range of concrete mixes and specialist additives, and our team are on hand with advice for your next pour.

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    Our specialist concrete mixers can provide screed for your next flooring project. Our specialist concrete mixers can provide screed for your next flooring project. Ideal for creating smooth, level surfaces screed is often used in commercial and industrial settings, but can also be used in domestic properties.

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    Concrete Pump HIRE

    If you're tired of dragging messy wheelbarrows of concrete down tight alleyways, or through homes, then concrete pump hire is the solution you need. Our concrete pumps can deliver concrete to even the most inaccessible areas so that you can save time and energy on your next project.

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    Our Concrete Delivery Areas

    Our fleet delivers concrete and provides concrete pump hire services to Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire areas. Don't hesitate to call us to confirm we are able to deliver to your area.

    Some of the areas we cover in Dorset and Hampshire include:

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