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    Volumetric Concrete Supplier

    Carters Concrete is an experienced and trustworthy mix on site concrete supplier in Bournemouth.

    We provide high-quality Concrete and exceptional customer service at affordable prices. With years of extensive experience in this industry, Carters Concrete has earned the trust of numerous customers spread across the region. We use a fleet of the latest hardware and equipment for quick and professional concrete delivery.

    If you are looking for ready mix concrete services for your construction work, then Caters Concrete is at your service. Contact our friendly team to book your order.

    Carters Concrete delivering concrete for a retaining wall

    Pay For The Concrete Mix You Use

    Are you looking for volumetric Concrete delivered directly to your site?
    Carters Concrete operates a fleet of volumetric concrete mixers that helps us mix the exact amount of Concrete for a specified project.

    Our fleet of late-range volumetric mixers are well- maintained as per the latest industry regulations.

    You can rely on our team of experienced drivers and concrete specialists who have the expertise to handle your concrete project professionally and ensure each delivery happens as scheduled.

    The Benefits of Volumetric Concrete

    Let’s review the advantages of mixed on site concrete.

    Ordering volumetric Concrete means receiving the exact quantity of Concrete you need for your projects.

    Other benefits of volumetric concrete include:

    • Get freshly mixed concrete of any mix design
    • We can accept orders of any size
    • We can ensure the concrete mix is tailored to your project’s requirements.
    • No more worries about over-ordering or under-ordering of concrete
    • Suitable for both large-scale commercial projects as well as small DIY projects.
    • No part load charges. Only pay for the concrete used.
    • Gain control over the consistency of your concrete mix.
    • Zero wastage of concrete
    • Volumetric mixers carry more concrete than traditional drum mixers.
    Carters Concrete Pouring Mixer 1

    All About Volumetric Concrete Mixers

    Learn more about our concrete mixers.

    With our modern fleet of volumetric mixing trucks, we supply concrete of any order size, which means no job is big or small for us.

    All the ingredients of the concrete mix are stored in separate compartments on board our mixers; once we arrive on site our mixer will batch up the exact quantity of concrete needed on demand.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Volumetric Concrete Mixers

    How do volumetric concrete mixers work?
    Let’s get into the volumetric concrete mixing process in detail.

    At first, the volumetric concrete mixer trucks are loaded with the raw material “ingredients” needed to make concrete – aggregates, cement, water, fibres, etc., into separate compartments.

    Next, the mixer trucks with the raw ingredients are taken to the construction site. Depending on the exact specifications of the project, particular ratios are programmed into the truck’s onboard computer. The precisely measured aggregates then automatically flow onto a conveyor belt. Followed by cement from a feeder and water from a small hose, these flow into a the mixer’s hydraulic auger arm from which they are mixed together and delivered.

    Lastly, the freshly mixed concrete can be collected and transported by either using wheelbarrows or dumpers or via concrete pumps that can be positioned directly next to the truck.

    How much concrete can a volumetric concrete mixer hold?
    The capacity of a volumetric mixer depends on various factors such as the composition of cement, aggregate mix ratios and water. For better clarity, feel free to reach out to our team, who will be happy to assist you with the correct information.

    Carters Concrete Truck 1

    Concrete Pump Hire

    Carters Concrete offers concrete pump hire services in Bournemouth. Concrete pumps can help transport ready mix concrete to the hard-to-reach areas of a project site.
    This vital piece of equipment also enhances the efficiency and speed of a project. For accurate concrete placement, contact our team and order today.

    Domestic or Commercial Construction

    We accept orders from both large-sized commercial constructions and small domestic projects. No job is big or small for us.
    Thanks to our state-of-the-art volumetric mixers that allow precise measuring of Concrete as per your project specifications.
    Speak to our concrete specialist for reliable concrete delivery services.

    Free Quotes and Advice

    We supply Concrete to Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset, and other areas of London. Our team guarantees great service, excellent customer satisfaction and timely delivery of high-quality ready mix concrete and screed.
    For free quotes and advice, please speak to our friendly/expert team. Our team will be happy to assist you.

    Carters Concrete mixer pouring into a dumper
    Carters Concrete volumetric concrete mixer pouring concrete in Bournemouth
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    Whether you're a homeowner undertaking a DIY project such as shed bases, or a professional contractor working on commercial developments, we can provide the concrete and solution you need. We offer an extensive range of concrete mixes and specialist additives that can enhance the curing times and durability of concrete, and our team are on hand with advice and expertise for your next pour.

    Carters Concrete mixer on site
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    Our specialist concrete mixers can provide screed for your next flooring project. Ideal for creating smooth, level surfaces screed is often used in commercial and industrial settings, but can also be used in domestic properties.

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    Concrete Pump HIRE

    If you're tired of dragging messy wheelbarrows of concrete down tight alleyways, or through homes, then concrete pump hire is the solution you need. Our concrete pumps can deliver quality concrete to your projects in even the most inaccessible areas, internal or external, so that you can save time and waste less energy on your next construction job.

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    Our Concrete Delivery Areas

    Our fleet delivers concrete and provides concrete pump hire services to Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire areas. Don't hesitate to call us to confirm we are able to deliver to your area.

    Some of the areas we cover in Dorset and Hampshire include:

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