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If you’re in the construction industry, you know that one of the most essential elements of any project is concrete. And while there are many ways to get concrete to your job site, mix on site concrete is becoming increasingly popular.

Here’s How It Works:

Construction projects usually involve a lot of concrete. It is used for concrete floors, foundations, walls, driveways, trenches and more! The amount of concrete needed can vary greatly from job to job, and it is important to have a supplier that can deliver the right amount each time. This is where mix on site concrete comes in.

With this type of delivery, a volumetric concrete truck arrives at the job site with all the necessary raw materials to make concrete – sand, stone, water, cement (and any required additives).

The operator then mixes the concrete on site and delivers it to where it is needed. This allows for accurate measuring and avoids wastage since only the amount needed is mixed. It also means that there are no delays waiting for a batch of ready mixed concrete to be delivered as everything is done onsite.

What Is Mix On Site Concrete Delivery And Why Is It Used?

Mix on site concrete, also known as volumetric concrete, is concrete that can be mixed to any specification and delivered directly to your job site by specialist volumetric concrete mixers. Unlike ready mixed concrete that is delivered in a single batch, mix on site concrete is custom-made on demand for each job.

This means that concrete delivery for smaller jobs or unique applications can be done quickly and cost-effectively by mixing concrete just before it’s needed. The concrete is delivered through a mobile truck equipped with concrete production capabilities, so the batch does not need to be prepared until it’s required.


Only Pay For What You Use

Mix on site concrete technology has revolutionized the industry, making it easier than ever to get exactly what you need without buying more material than necessary. With this option now available, there’s no more waiting around for ready mixed concrete delivery – with mix on site concrete; you can get what you need when you need it!

The Benefits Of Using Mix On Site Concrete

Concrete delivered to our customers is only charged by the cubic metre – meaning you only pay for the concrete that you need. This means mix on site suppliers are cost-effective and help to reduce waste.

Mix on site concrete also allows for greater accuracy in measurements, so there is no risk of ordering too much or too little material – since it’s mixed on-site, you only get what you need when you need it!

A volumetric concrete mixer ready for concrete delivery

Small Loads Concrete

In many cases, small load concrete may be the logical choice for small-scale home improvement projects or small business applications that only require small loads – such as a new driveway or patio. Using mix on site concrete is an excellent option for these types of small loads projects since it eliminates the need to order concrete delivery near me and wait for it to arrive. Mix on site concrete is created right on the construction project’s property or site, so it’s ready to be poured right away.

Not only does this save time in the short term, but it also helps to prevent over- or under-ordering, which can result in wasted material and added cost. What’s more, mix on site concrete can also be matched perfectly to the specific requirements of each project – making sure that each application meets its exact specifications.

Ultimately, mix on site concrete offers an affordable and dependable alternative to small load ready-mix deliveries that allow homeowners and small business owners alike to complete their small construction projects quickly and effectively.

How To Order A Concrete Delivery In Bournemouth And Surrounding Areas ?

If you are ready to order ready mix concrete for a project, it can be completed on-site as easily as any other construction job.

Calculate How Much Concrete You Require

The first step is determining how much concrete is needed. Depending on the scope of your project, this may involve consulting with an engineer or making calculations yourself.

Try our handy phone-friendly concrete calculator now!

Place your Order

Once the amount of ready mix concrete has been determined, it needs to be ordered from a local ready mix concrete supplier.

We will deliver the readymix concrete directly to your site and pour it into the required areas upon arrival.

After the ready mix concrete is poured and levelled properly, allow for adequate curing time.

These simple steps will ensure that your readymix concrete project is completed correctly and efficiently!

Tips For Working With Ready Mixed Concrete

Mix on site concrete is a great way to quickly make use of a pre-measured and prepared supply of concrete. However, there are certain tips for working with mix on site concrete that can help ensure your project is completed successfully.

First, be sure to estimate the materials’ total volume before you place your order; underestimating the amount you need might mean we’ll need to deliver a second load to you.

We are here to support your concrete pour every step of the way, just let us know if you have any queries and want us to quote our competitive prices.

By following these simple tips for working with mix on site concrete, you should have no trouble completing your construction project efficiently and effectively!

Mix on site concrete is a great way to get high-quality concrete without having to worry about the mixing process.

Carters Concrete mixer and pump

Do You Have Access Restrictions On Your Construction Site?

The challenge of restricted access to project sites is quite common. Hiring a concrete pump makes concrete delivery in such situations much easier and less messy. We use concrete pumps to pour premixed concrete exactly where it needs to be placed. Concrete pumps offer us accuracy and efficiency in our work.

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